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Rusty fuel and chemical drums on Arctic coast

North America produces more solid waste per capita than anywhere else on earth, and this waste disposal is a great environmental problem. Of the 80% of solid waste dumped in landfills, more than 30% consists of containers and packaging. As a result, regulatory authorities have introduced regulations that limit the use of disposable packaging.


We need to change the way we do business.

Sustainability and the Environment

Not only do the inherent characteristics of IBCs eliminate the disposal of packaging that harm the environment, but companies that use IBCs also increase their own cost-effectiveness and improve their bottom lines.


  • RECYCLABLE – Steel IBCs are 100% recyclable, all steel scrap produced during production is recycled

  • REUSABLE – IBCs eliminate the costly and environmentally-damaging disposal of drums and other forms of packaging

  • CONSERVATION – IBCs conserve raw materials, resources, and energy required to produce             non–reusable forms of packaging

  • EASILY CLEANED – The large top opening facilitates any cleaning prior to reuse

  • EASILY HANDLED AND WAREHOUSED – Square shape and stackability maximizes valuable storage space. IBCs are easily handled by forklift trucks, hand carts, and overhead cranes

  • EASE OF USE – IBCs are quickly and easily filled and emptied, resulting in speedy turnaround

  • COST EFFECTIVE – IBCs save companies handling and pallet costs, and allow amortization of capita costs over a long service life

Sustainability and the Environment

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