Rusty fuel and chemical drums on Arctic coast

North America produces more solid waste per capita than anywhere else on earth, and this waste disposal is a great environmental problem. Of the 80% of solid waste dumped in landfills, more than 30% consists of containers and packaging. As a result, regulatory authorities have introduced regulations that limit the use of disposable packaging.


We need to change the way we do business.

Consider the benefits of using intermediate bulk containers:

Not only do the inherent characteristics if IBCs eliminate the disposal of packaging, but companies that use IBCs also increase their own cost-effectiveness and improve their bottom lines.


  • RECYCLABLE – Steel IBCs are 100% recyclable

  • REUSABLE – IBCs eliminate the costly and environmentally-damaging disposal of drums and other forms of packaging

  • CONSERVATION – IBCs conserve raw materials, resources, and energy required to produce              non–reusable forms of packaging

  • EASILY CLEANED – The large top opening facilitates any cleaning prior to reuse

  • EASILY HANDLED AND WAREHOUSED – Square shape and stackability maximizes valuable storage space. IBCs are easily handled by forklift trucks, hand carts, and overhead cranes

  • EASE OF USE – IBCs are quickly and easily filled and emptied, resulting in speedy turnaround

  • COST EFFECTIVE – IBCs save companies handling and pallet costs, and allow amortization of capita costs over a long service life

Why IBCs?