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IBCs & Totes

For more than four decades, Stelfab Niagara Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality intermediate bulk containers, and has established a strong reputation for technical skill, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional service. The superiority of each bulk container is guaranteed, as all are manufactured with great attention to detail to meet stringent standards of quality.

Intermediate bulk containers are reusable, stackable containers designed for transport, and used to store bulk liquid and granulated substances. They are manufactured in various materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

Our experience enables us to accommodate the individual requirements of each of our clients. All of Stelfab’s containers are customizable, air-tight, and leak-proof, and our design features, which provide complete drainage and facilitate use and handling, have made our line of container systems the preferred choice of many of North America’s largest users of IBCs.


Committed to our trade and craft, we are proud to serve the needs of the petrochemical, petroleum refining/ catalyst, fine chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical and food industries, among others.

Stelfab Steltight LP Bin UN31A/Y transport canada rated Intermediate Bulk Container
Stelfab Steltight IS Bin UN31A/Y transport canada rated Intermediate Bulk Container
Stelfab Dry Material Chemical Bin UN11A transport canada rated Intermediate Bulk Container Spent Fresh Catalyst
IMG_0405 copy.jpg
Stelfab Hopper Bin dry material cannabis container chute
Stelfab Steltight Grease Bin liquid container steel Oil Bin pump housing
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